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The days of dishonest sports bookies and backroom betting are gone for good - today's best sports wagering is done through trusted online sportsbook companies.

For those looking to get started right away, we have compiled a list of the top rated online sportsbooks on our online sportsbook reviews page.

The odds and spreads that online sportsbooks offer are usually better than any offline sportsbooks can offer you (ie. Vegas sportsbooks, state-run sport lottery gambling, OTB horse racing, etc).

This Week's Big Games

(available at Bodog Sportsbook)


Monday Night Football

Coming Soon! (NFL season begins Sept 10)



Atlanta Motor Speedway (Sept 6 @ 7pm EST)


MLB Baseball

San Francisco Giants @ Philadelphia Phillies


Online sports wagering allows you to safely place bets on almost any popular professional (and some amateur) sporting event- boxing, NBA basketball, NFL football, NHL hockey, MLB baseball, boxing, NCAA college sports, golf, horse racing, Nascar, and much more.



Highly Recommended Sports Wagering Sites


The sites listed below are the best places online to place your bets.  These sportsbooks consistently provide quick payments, competitive odds, and helpful customer support.



#1 Overall



Click here for VIP Sports

It's quite possible that VIPsports is the best online sports wagering site around.  20% cash bonus (first deposit only), competitive odds and reliable payouts are all highlights of VIP.  Sign up for your free account here.


Their parent company is currently traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Also Recommended




Bodog is one of the biggest and most reputable online sportsbooks.  We can't say enough good things about their online sports wagering service.  To open your free account join here.


Their site also hosts a very respectable online poker room and casino.



Click here for Lines Maker


LinesMaker's sportsbook is highlighted by their customer service.  Along with their dedication to bringing you a top notch online sportsbook, their customer service department is quick and knowledgeable.


Click here to sign up for your free account at Linesmaker.



Click here for Nine sportsbook


 Players at Nine.com get a full sportsbook, complemented with a casino that offers poker, blackjack, slots, and everything else that you expect a casino to offer.


Join Nine.com for one of the more comprehensive online wagering sites.

Sports Betting Articles


Wagering on sports articles are in the process of being finalized for publishing.


We are also currently in the works of adding a live odds feed directly from www.bodog.com.  We are also in the process of adding a live scores area (for most pro sports), live spreads/odds from multiple sportsbooks so you know who is offering the best value, and a syndicated sports news articles section.


Please bookmark this site and check back frequently for all your sports betting needs.

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