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Prepare your bets for NFL Football as the season gets near


**Sports gamblers are getting excited for the upcoming 2009-2010 NFL season - make sure you have your betting account(s) open and ready to rock BEFORE opening kickoff to avoid any problems or delays with opening your new accounts


NFL season is weeks away! Preseason games are well underway, NFL training camps are over, and teams and spectators alike are getting excited for opening night of NFL action on THURSDAY SEPT 10th.

Betting on football online is safe and easier than ever before, many NFL sports bettors have been using onling sportsbooks for more than 5+ years now - why aren't you?!

This Week's Big Games

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Sunday NFL

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Monday Night Football

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Which team is favored in the 2009 NFL season is still a bit of a toss-up. Tom Brady is back with his NE Pats, but will his knee injury hold him back? Can the Steelers put together another solid season? Will Michael Vick be a saviour, or a blow-up in Philadelphia? And nobody knows what to expect out of the (almost) all-new Denver Broncos team.

Uncertainty in NFL action makes for good sports betting, and 2009 promises to offer us fans plenty of surprises!

Don't be afraid to put some money down on an upset for Superbowl XLIII...right now (early in the season) the odds could pay out handsomely.



Top Reviewed Sites for Football Bets


The sites listed below are the best places online to place your bets on football.  These sportsbooks consistently provide quick payments, competitive odds, and helpful customer support.



Top Overall Site for Wagering on NFL Football


VIP Sports is one of the best overall sports betting sites online.  Up to 40% cash bonus (first deposit), competitive odds, player points and reliable payouts are all highlights of VIP.  Live help is always available, 24-7.


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Their football selection is one of the best in the business.


Also Recommended


Lines Maker has a good reputation as a quality sportsbook.  They are currently traded on the London Stock Exchange, so you know your payouts are always safe.


Lines Maker also seems to run more football specials than any other online sportsbook.


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 NFL bettors at Nine are treated to cash bonuses, player points, and great odds.  Customer service is also top notch.


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Nine also offers a full online casino as well as their sportsbook.

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The football wagering section will have articles added very soon...add us to your favorites and come back often for all your NFL betting needs. is highly recommended for football wagers >>click here to sign up<<




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